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2 0 1 4 Has started off to be a stellar year.

From our March Art Detour event with a collaboration with the students of ASU- Herberger School for our Design Graffiti Fashion Show. Release the Fear following its core mission of transformation of any perceived negative into a positive outcome,-what a incredible success...Thank you ASU

In April - Phoenix Suns ambassador NBA superstar Stephen Hunter the special guest speaker at our second chance workshop talking to youth transitioning back into community from Adobe Detention. Mr. Hunter shared his inspiring story of difficult choices he had growing up growing up the South side of Chicago to be able to achieve his dream.

In May- Release the Fear was recognized by the Arizona Department of Education to be Character Education Provider -one of only 20 organizations within Arizona.


2 0 1 3 Opportunities and acknowledgments appeared right and left in 2013, providing national and international attention to our organization and its mission:

From 2011 to 2013, we were able to increase the number of troubled youth we reached by 55.6 percent, and in 2013 we expanded our preventative programming to the Cartwright School Districts.

Release the Fear was selected to present at a regional conference on After-School Excellence Programs produced by the Arizona Center for After-School Excellence in November 2013.

Six new highly qualified facilitators were added this year, helping us to meet the demands of an underserved community and to expand the reach of our mission.

Release the Fear joined the Arizona Cardinals, Valley of the Sun United Way, and the students of Balsz Elementary School to paint an inspirational mural at this year's NFL Hometown Huddle event.

In July 2013, Robert Miley presented Release the Fear to members of British Parliament, US congressmen, and community leaders at an invitation-only event at Fitch, an international-marketing company.

In June 2013 Release the Fear was invited to present its mission and programs and to discuss solutions to youth violence at the 81st Annual US Conference of Mayors in Las Vegas.

New Mexico State University just released a two-year in-depth study of Release the Fear's Discover U Summer Camp Program, with results showing the positive effects of our programs on Arizona youth and communities.

Statistics from Maricopa County’s Juvenile Probation Department demonstrate that the recidivism of incarcerated youth (which is around 30 percent) is reduced in participants of our Inside Out, Bridging Possibilities workshop, and for those participating in multiple IOBP workshops the recidivism rate is reduced by nearly half.

The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections is conducting a three-year longitudinal study on the effectiveness of the Release the Fear programs and their effect on recidivism.

Release the Fear was honored to be a guest speaker at the Women of Color Summit: Shades of Violence—Culturally

Responsive Approaches to Domestic Violence for Women of Color.

Thanks to all of you for believing and for those you who have not had the opportunity please share with me this beautiful gift. That there is nothing better than seeing a kid that thinks they're just bad, and don't matter, walk in the workshop on the first day crossed over arms by second day they start opening up, by third day they get a glimpse, just a little glimpse that they do have something to offer, they do have a gift -THEY MATTER! Over the past almost seventeen years, Release the Fear has had the opportunity to interact with over 7,000 troubled youth; these “troubled” youth now know they have a life purpose.

2 0 1 2 It's our Birthday we are-Sweet 16 how time flies...

What a year! Release the Fear experienced many remarkable changes in 2012. One highlight was the start of a new summer camp named Discover U. The camp offered anti- bullying workshops and holistic approaches to wellness, through healthy diet lessons and fitness of mind, body, and spirit activities.

In May Robert Miley Studio posted the fifth biannual Monet in May celebration in the studio gardens

In November, we celebrated our 16th year of service to Arizona's youth with a gathering of new and longtime supporters. We honored these individuals and companies for their commitment and dedication in helping RTF empower more children through our programs. Without these generous benefactors, our programs would not have positively affected 790 youth in 2012.

What an incredible journey this has been. And yet more work needs to be done. In the last ten years, our organization has worked with over 5,000 troubled kids. These youth were in jails, detention centers, treatment facilities, and schools. Through the creative processes of art, music, and communication, we have taught cognitive behavioral skills—the crucial life skills needed to succeed. The young people we work with learn tools to help them in school and to help them with peer pressure, bullying, and conflict resolution, while building self-esteem.

Maricopa County has studied our program and found it reduces reoffending by nearly 50 percent. Currently, the Arizona Department of Juvenile Correction is doing a three-year longitudinal study on the long-term effects of Release the Fear. There is also a conclusive study by New Mexico State University, which will be published about our Discover U Summer Camp.

Youth in Arizona and other parts of the world were able to experience their dreams can come true and that they matter!

2 0 0 9 -10 We transformed and moved into a beautiful space we can call home 302 W. Monroe in downtown Phoenix.

This year alone we were able to directly impact over 615 live in such a way they were able to realize that they were not alone in their Fears and that the Possibilities of their Hopes and Dream could come true. Statistics show 7 times that number of people, (4,305), have been positively impacted due to the Rippling Effects of supporters. In 2009, Release the Fear was able to build a strong partnership with the detention facilities in Maricopa County through our “Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities”.

We were able to secure a beautiful studio and display space for the masterpieces that students created in the workshops.

Our Dream Catcher program was launched in September 2009 thanks to Fry’s Food Stores.

It is our first community partnership mentoring program that captures the dreams revealed through RTF workshops and embraces them so that they may become a reality.

Thanks to all the Supporters listed below;

The above graph was provided by Maricopa County Statistics Office and it reflects youth not recidivating. It shows the effectiveness of Release the Fear’s workshops on the reduction of recidivism rate for the period of March 2009 thru March 2010

Statistics from Maricopa County’s Juvenile Probation Department demonstrate that while the overall recidivism of incarcerated youth hovers around 30%, youth participating in one IOBP workshop recidivate only 22.8% of the time, and those participating in multiple IOBP workshops recidivate at only 16.2%. Due to the rippling effects of IOBP and similar workshops, we have learned that seven times the number of participants realizes positive impact because of the workshops.

Vanderbilt University researcher, Mark A. Cohen, recently revised earlier (1998) estimates of the value of saving a high-risk youth. By age 18, Dr. Cohen now estimates the value of incarceration as $2.6 to $5.3 million, clearly demonstrating the valuable economic impact of Release the Fear’s IOBP workshops and recidivism rates.

Click here to view the timeline

R E L E A S E T HE F E A R . . . 2009 A YEAR OF DREAMS

Thanks to the generosity & foresight of J.W. Kieckhefer Foundation and the Margaret T. Morris Foundation

251 Youth & Adults, in schools, community centers and detention facilities throughout Maricopa County experienced their Pain being transformed into Possibilities, through the Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities and the Bridging Possibilities programs. Opening participants to the acceptance of self and others so they are able to find their Purpose in a more meaningful predictive life and brighter tomorrow.

SEF Juvenile Detention Center, Thanks to the foresight & generosity of the Employees Community Fund of Boeing

86 Youth at SEF Juvenile Detention Center, through the Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities program were able to experienced their Pain being transformed into Possibilities. In the seminars something happened for the participants, which leads them to move forward from living in their own personal world to sharing a world and their views with others.

Excelencia Elementary School: Through the support of Creighton School District and title 4 funding 64 at risk students participated in a Bridging Possibility Workshop.

Excelencia Elementary School: Through the support of Creighton School District and title 4 funding.24 fourth graders were able to experience the 10 session curriculum and stage production This second year piloted of the Coloring Book of love and understanding curriculum, this was provided to students, and woven into a once weekly social studies lesson plan. The program culminated in the students writing and performing a play for parents and classmates that incorporates the lessons learned. Opening their young minds to all and all they can be.

Durango and SEF Juvenile Detention Center, Through the support of Wells Fargo Bank:

79 detained youth were able to experience the Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities program, exposing them to their possibilities and shedding light to their newfound purpose in life.

September 2009 Dream Catcher Program Launch

Launch of Release the Fear’s Dream Catcher Program, a community partnership mentoring program.

Fry’s Food Stores was the first of many community partnerships for this program that captures dreams revealed through RTF workshops and embraces them so they may become a reality.

Our first Dream Catcher recipient was a youth from a Boeing Employee Community Fund sponsored workshop. His Dream was to be a graffiti artists and a chef. So through RTF and detention staff guidance the inspiration of graffiti chef was born. Release the Fear connected him to Fry’s Food Stores, two top, nationally recognized, pastry chefs. They spent a day mentoring him by teaching him everything there is to know about making a four tiered graffiti cake. His masterpiece was premiered at RTF’s September 30th fundraiser. Opening this youth to a new path of productive possibilities.

Durango and SEF Juvenile Detention Center, Through the support of Cox Charities Employee Fund

80 detained youth are able to experience the Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities program, exposing them to their possibilities and newfound purpose in their life.

Durango and SEF Juvenile Detention Center, Through the support of RICO FUNDING

40 detained youth were able to experience the Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities program, exposing them to their possibilities and shedding light to their newfound purpose in life.

Through the support of Arizona Community Foundation Release the Fear is able to bring on a Grant Writer fund-raiser to raise $2000,000- Expanding our reach and rebel effect, of our mission and vision for the community.

R E L E A S E T HE F E A R . . . 2008 EXPERIENCE

The Start of 2008 – a lot of very powerful partners viewed inexperienced effects are Released at Fears workshop and had sought funding for us to bring our workshop back to them.

*One of this year goal is to launch the Train the Trainer program, training 4 support team members in Release the Fear curriculum.

Girl Scouts of AZ. received a Grant for RTF to pervaded – a Bridging Possibility”
Workshop to 25 of it most needed students, their beyond bars program
Creighton School District
Excelencia Elementary School received a Grant for RTF to pervaded – a “Bridging Possibility Workshop”
Workshop to 25 of it most needed students

Excelencia Elementary School received a Grant for RTF to pervaded – the Coloring Book Curriculum $3,000

Was woven into once a week social studies schedule this curriculum is a seven sessions, to the national standards of education at the end of the sessions the students get to provide a onstage play for their parents and other classmates that they will write, weaving the book as narration, and what they have learned from the curriculum and how it relates to the daily life interacting with school and community. Is a very important step in the weaving into the foundation of young minds a sense of Bridging understanding of unlimited Possibilities and Purpose self and others.

*J.W. Kieckhefer Foundation: Sponsor a Trainer the Trainer in “Bridging Possibilities Workshop”

Certify two new RTF trainers in “Bridging Possibilities Workshop” (Includes 8 Three session workshops)

*Mike and Cindy Watts: Sponsor a Trainer the Trainer in Bridging Possibilities Workshop

Certify two new RTF trainers in “Bridging Possibilities Workshop” (Includes 8 Three session workshops)

Creighton School District :$4,500 for a “Bridging Possibility Workshop” & the pilot of The Coloring Book Curriculum.

H & R Block, Employee Community Funding Program (Phoenix offices): employees selected release the fear for their charity partial sponsorship of a “Bridging Possibilities Workshop”  Community;

Tom and Roxanne Hamilton,Ira and Cheryl Gaines, Michele & Chuck Brown
Laure Anne & Charles Reynolds, Sharon and Curt Stetter, Richard & Judith Harding
Kathleen Munson, The Munson Family Trust

Since 1995, over 3,000 youth and adults have crossed paths with Release the Fear. . .
As statistics show, 7 times that number of people 21,000 has been positively impacted,

Due to the RIPPLING EFFECTS of RTF Workshops.

*The training of four Trainers, will have received instruction and manual, by completing training in the following list,

Release the Fear has certificated Caitlyn Flaherty M, Lisa Moore, Wendy Drew, Md and PhD candidate, Michael Halpert to teach the “Bridging Possibility” Workshops.

We have brought programming to the following ongoing partners that we have established over the years and will continue to servethese partners and future partners as funding is provided. There is a great deal of need within our community to shift awareness, turning Pain into the Bridging of Possibilities, so participants can become more enlightened about their Purpose in life.

As reflected in the Pre to Post positive change statistics from the effect Release the Fear workshops have provided in previous years.

In 2008 Release the Fear Programs will have served over 480 participants.
Heard Elementary School
Girl Scouts of AZ. Adelante Jovencitas. Program
Suns-Diamondbacks Edu. Academy & Communities In Schools of AZ
Maryvale Community Center
Community Services of AZ.
Starshine Academy
Excelencia Elementary School
Genesis Academy
Carl T. Smith Middle School
Hamilton Elementary School (with Girl Scotts of AZ)
Teaming with Braking Up Walls Org.
*SEF Mesa Detention Center

Additional Accomplishments confirmed for RTF in 2008

Special Outreach & World Wide Awareness

Release the Fear symbolic sculpture, as part of the Opening Ceremony of the G 8 Summit outside of Tokyo Japan, in attendance by World leaders “Atomic Flame” a documentary released worldwide Three monks along with followers and documentary team journey, by boat from Japan to San Francisco then walking, delivering messages of world peace. The documentary they were filming was released worldwide this August. They heard of the sculpture & its universal mission and came by to pray and pay homage. This along with the news case was featured in the documentary. The intent of this film is build awareness and in turn rid the world of atomic weapons in our lifetime…Martin Sheen did the voiceover & Release the Fear is very honored to be a part of this.

Ongoing work with Airline Ambassadors: enabling Release the Fear organization to expand its knowledge of youth around the world to the effectiveness of our program and bring the knowledge and stories of other cultures back into the workshops as a educational tool, one more way of bridging and instilling a sense of understanding within Arizona’s youth.

Goals to more than double or triple the amount served by 2012: (in 2008 RTF will have served over 485:
With the new Trainer certified each year this goal is reachable with funding support. Put a significant dent in the community’s dippiest outlined below. Saving Economy, Creating Harmony...

The cost of violence among youth in America is phenomenal. Recent studies show that children affected by violence learn at slower paces, have lower self-worth, and are often prone to perpetrate violence against others. In addition to those tragic effects, a 1998 Vanderbilt study found that the annual cost of housing a youth in a detention facility exceeds $65,000. Interestingly, the study also found that each youth prevented from adopting a life of crime (including, future adult offenses) could save the community between $1.7 million and $2.3 million per youth. The Bridging Possibilities workshops creates the opportunity to shift a life of crime or a potential life of crime to a more effective and peaceful outlet.

It’s not just humanity, its economics.

You choose $60.00 prevention or $65,000 incarceration per year

R E L E A S E T HE F E A R . . . 2007 EXPERIENCE  

Opening up possibilities for the young minds of Arizona’s youth for a brighter tomorrow. ©

2007 Alone, over 400 children and adults experienced Release the Fear

Heard Elementary School “Bridging Possibility” Workshop (27- 6th and7th Graders, advance class, 2 adults) Dec. 5, 6, 7th
Bret Tarver Elementary & Communities In Schools of AZ ‘Bridging Possibility” Workshop (25- 5th Graders, 3 teachers,1 Principle ) Nov.16-18
Girl Scouts of AZ. Adelante Jovencitas. Program “Bridging Possibility” Workshop (28 Girls 13-18 & 4 Adult counselors) Oct.16, 23, 30&Nov.20
This program for girls released from Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections and Black Canyon School is spearheaded by The Girl Scouts.
The girls reside in west valley from South Phoenix and Maryvale
Suns-Diamondbacks Edu. Academy & Communities In Schools of AZ “Bridging Possibility”(26 children 16-20 & 3 adults)Sept.18, 19& 20th
Maryvale Community Center “Bridging Possibility” Workshop (33 children ages 9-12, 4 adult counselors) July 10-13,2007
Maryvale Community Center- “BE THE CHANGE “8 session Workshop ( 27 participants Age 8 -21) June 9-July 28 2007
Community Services of AZ. Highland and 16th Sts “Bridging Possibility” Workshop.(20 children Ages 6-13, ,2 adults) July 18-26, 2007
Neighborhood Ministries /A division of Americorp “Bridging Possibility” Workshop (25 student Interns, Ages15-27) June 4 – 6, 2007
Starshine Academy - ‘Bridging Possibility” Workshop- (16-6 and 7th Grade Students, 1 Administrator) May 29, 31, 2007
Hamilton Elementary School – ‘Bridging Possibility” Workshop (20- 6, 7 ,8th Grade Students, 2 Adm. ) May 17-29,2007
Starshine Academy - ‘Bridging Possibility” Workshop (30, 7& 8th Grade Students, 3 Adm ) May 14-16 , 2007
Excelencia Elementary School - Bridging Possibility” Workshop- (26 - 6th Grade Students, 1Comm. Officer,1V. Prin.) May 8-10, 2007
Genesis Academy - “BE THE CHANGE “8 session workshop (23- Students Age 14 -22 , 3 teachers) March 8 – May 3, 2007
Maryvale Community Center, RTF and Make a Difference MLK Day (15 volunteers and 10 children.) January 13th In this workshop, on THE COLORING BOOK” of Understanding
Excelencia Elementary , (20 - 3rd Graders, 2 Administrators) January 2007
In this workshop, on “THE COLORING BOOK” of Understanding
RTF Measured outcomes from 2007,in Arizona Workshop Pre-to-Post survey results:
Out of 430 Participates in 2007 two key results, by 63% Female - 37% Males-Youth Ages 10 – 21 + Adults
78% Discovered something new in the workshop, 81% Discovered something new about classmates or friends in RTF workshops
PRE% 44.9% compared to Post% 75.1% Realized that they are not alone in their fears
PRE% 64 % compared to Post% 97.1% Participants realize their dreams are part of their reality

Additional Accomplishments of RTF in 2007 Special Outreach & World Wide Awareness:

Exposing Release the Fear to the experiences and skill sets, enabling invaluable knowledge to be brought back to Arizona as teaching/learning tools to the program and community they serve.

Airline Ambassadors & Release the Fear Team- up for a Humanitarian Mission to El Salvador

(November 1st Thru 9th, 2007) RTF Creative/Art Workshops in El Salvador for over 300 children, from ages7 thru 17 years of age at various shelters rescued from the impoverished streets of El Salvador from forced prostitution, unwanted to runaways, drug addictions, and AIDS shelters. Many life changing outcomes; A child’s dream of getting leg braces to be able to go back to school, little boy remembering what we did on the first day there and deciding on his own to throw out glue that he was high on, we saw many faces with their spirit crushed entering the workshop and leaving with smiles. A moment for them to draw on and share in times of darkness. Sponsored by Airline Ambassadors, Judy Butzine, Anonymous Donor & RJ Miley

STPA 2007 (Social Theory, Politics and the Arts.) - International Conference NYC @ NYU "No Longer Invisible

(“Arizona Artists, Activists and Grassroots Leadership") Release the Fear & The Cultural Arts Coalition, were pleased to be invited to be a keynote speakers the 2007 Social Theory, Politics and the Arts conference. Being selected from hundreds of compelling individual papers and presentation proposals received by the committee, truly it was an honor. Almost 300 diverse group leaders in their fields, bringing with them incredible vast knowledge, from scholars, artists, and public officials, policymakers, political science, economics, law, urban managers, performers, writers, multimedia arts and cultural leaders from 26 countries and 22 states in the U.S.A., participated in over 40 panels and roundtable discussions, sharing their research, a new way of thinking, reinforcing the power of art and their findings.
Sponsored by AZ Art Commission & RJ Miley

“What is Peace? The Cultural Arts Coalition, Partnering with Release the Fear, Inc. (Saturday April 14th, for a 4 hr.) interactive envision bridging a better understanding of Peace in our greater community?” Peace Dialog and Interactive Creative Art making

Release the Fear, Inc Teams with Cultural Arts Coalition to Mentor A Neighborhood Ministries Youth Council Teen, Nathan Davis December- February 2007 On the power of opening to his endless Possibilities to pass those skills forward to his peers and how to turn Pain into Purpose, through his unique creative Process!

“Atomic Flame” a documentary released worldwide August 2007

Three monks along with followers and documentary team journey, by boat from Japan to San Francisco then walking, delivering messages of world peace. The documentary they were filming was released worldwide this August. They heard of the sculpture & its universal mission and came by to pray and pay homage. This along with the news case was featured in the documentary. The intent the Fear is very honored to be a part of thisworkshop.30 interested persons to attend a dialogue and interactive creative processes workshop that asked ~ “What is Peace? How may we keep it alive...

R E L E A S E T HE F E A R . . .  2006 EXPERIENCE

Atkinson Junior High, one day workshop 10/2006Atkinson Junior High, one day workshop 10/2006
20 7-8th Graders in detention class ~ Sponsored by Shelly Forstrom in honor of Grace Miley


Parker Unified Intercession Program, Parker, AZParker Unified Intercession Program, Parker, AZ
Week-long Workshop 09/2006
20 5-7th graders " Bridging Awareness to Endless Possibilities"
~ Sponsored by Arizona Western Colleges

Parker Dam, CA Pilot for Children's Workshop 09/2006Parker Dam, CA Pilot for Children's Workshop 09/2006
30 3rd & 4th graders "The Coloring Book" ~ Sponsored by Arizona Western Colleges


Pima Salt River Reservation, AZ 09/2006Pima Salt River Reservation, AZ 09/2006
Health and Human Services Managers sponsored this workshop at their retreat
Creative Process, Stress Management, Team Building

Release the Fear Fundraiser ~ Monet in May 05/2006Release the Fear Fundraiser ~ Monet in May 05/2006
A day of Creativity and Pleasure in the Gardens and Studio of Robert J Miley

Guests came dressed in period or garden attire , Bring there favorite Culinary delete
and completed their Canvas that was sent to them in invite and brought with them their original piece of art.

Project Brave Day B.R.A.V.E., Phoenix Parks and Recreation Summer 2006Project Brave Day B.R.A.V.E., Phoenix Parks and Recreation Summer 2006

South Phoenix ~ Day of Understanding 25 adult and youths together

Release the Fear Fundraiser ~ Meyers Art Gallery December 2005Release the Fear Fundraiser ~ Meyers Art Gallery December 2005

Sale of Robert Miley Artworks, Introduction of collaboration with Project B.R.A.V.E.

Release the Fear Sculpture Visit and Blessing by Buddhist Monks Summer 2006Release the Fear Sculpture Visit and Blessing by Buddhist Monks Summer 2006
Part of Documentary "Full Circle" a worldwide peace movement to be released at
"Sundance" 2007


Excellancia Elementary School one day 10/2005
25 students in Saturday Detention Class

Excellancia Elementary SchoolYoung Art of Arizona & Release the Fear team to bring Art to incarcerated youth (NEA Grant) Bridging Possibilities Program launched JUNE 2005

2 murals completed with youths at Mesa and Durango Detention Centers. 30 detainees at each facility Participate in a month long (2 weeks each), self-exploration workshop conducted by Robert Miley and create mural with Miley. Murals permanently displayed in public facility to remind others of their possibilities. One of many inspiring stories. One student shared that he understood that the experience was about teamwork. He did not think that he was going “to get along with the others as well as he did”.

Emerge and UnlockEmerge and Unlock titled by participate Each Mural consists of (4) X, 4` x 8` panels




R E L E A S E T H E F E A R . . . 2005 EXPERIENCE

Heard Elementary Week long Summer Creative Camp 06/2005Heard Elementary Week long Summer Creative Camp 06/2005 PILOT PROGRAM
25 students, Their conclusion was to paint their thoughts of world peace on Tibetan
prayer flags.


Release the Fear Sculpture Unveiling 05/2005Release the Fear Sculpture Unveiling 05/2005
Attended by Governor Napolitano and many other dignitaries, doves, butterflies African Drummers and Stilt dancers and Sister Sledge.


Release the Fear Fundraiser, Scott JacobsonRelease the Fear Fundraiser, Scott Jacobson, Honorary co-chair RTF, Roast 04/2005


"Can-Do" Spirit /Valley Leadership Team February 2004 PILOT PROGRAM
Collaboration with Phoenix Theater and The Cookie Company
10 adults and 50 valley leadership Teens experienced 1 full 8 hour master class workshop.  Workshop theme; "What We Can Do with 'Can-Do' " Objectives:

  • Through guided interactions with each other, develop collaborative communication skills.
  • Utilize the most primitive form of communication - ART - to explore differences in perspective.
  • Promote positive community resolve by learning tools to deal with issues of conflict through artistic strategies. Many eye opening results of how the Arts and the Can-Do process aid a community leader to excel; "You have to recognize an and acknowledge your own fears as well as others fears to excel as a team." ,"Life goals, like the art making process; you have to step back to see the big picture. "Life, as with art, must have focus and balance." ,"Life's achievements, you can come about your goals from different paths and still achieve the same results."

GUMBO PERSPECTIVEPILOT PROGRAM GUMBO PERSPECTIVE as titled by 50 teens, 4' X 4' acrylic on canvas A tangible reminder of their growth experience of the all day workshop.


Genesis Academy, November 2003 through January 2004Genesis Academy PILOT PROGRAM, November 2003 through January 2004
Funded by City of Phoenix Education & Youth Diversity Grant 35 students from Genesis Community Learning Center/Genesis Academy participated in a 7 week developed curriculum which utilizes all art disciplines as tools in learning self awareness, communication and team work. Many of the students showed great improvement, how they related to their peers and teachers, utilizing the communication and self-awareness skills/tools provided in the 7 week workshops. One student in particular, expressed to the grants board how she was utilizing the workshop information in her everyday life experiences. She said she had done things she was not very proud of, including judging people by their facade. What she learned in the 7 week program utilizing art tools for communication, was that we each have different gifts to offer but there is a core of similarity to each and every one of us. She also shared that there was another student present at the workshop whom she knew from school, but hadn't paid much attention to each other. One of the girls has extensive experience with gangs colors was much of her perspective and worldview, the other girl, of a much different culture and ethnic background, could hardly relate to that experience. Today they are friends.

THEIR WORLD WITHOUT FEARTHEIR WORLD WITHOUT FEAR as titled by 35 Genesis students. 3' X 3' acrylic, gold on canvas A tangible reminder of the 7 week workshop.
15 adults and children and volunteers participated in a 1 day master class workshop. Workshop theme was to increase understanding and communication amongst the participants who are dealing with the fear of a child with AIDS or the possibility of contracting AIDS as a volunteer and the perception of the community. Participant Comments: "Colors affect a lot in our everyday life. They evoke different emotions and feelings. I also learned everyone is an artist." ,"Can overcome anything." ,"I learned that I am ready to let go...Not only through color but also through the use of the paint brush, I saw acceptance, division that I was not sure was there."

FEARLESSFEARLESS as titled by 15 participants, acrylic on canvas 3'X 3'mounted on 4X4 with Quotes.

A tangible reminder of the all day workshop experience.



Foothills Elementary School, Heritage Day 1998Foothills Elementary School PILOT PROGRAM, Heritage Day 1998
Fifty five Children expressed their individual heritage and their contributions to the whole community, building pride as well as a unified community through differences.

Youth at Risk Center 1998Youth at Risk Center 1998
Robert Miley along with three City Phoenix Police Officers and twenty eight youths, broached the subject of communication and designed a community mural for the east wall of the Phoenix Youth at Risk Community Center.

Encanto School, Phoenix AZ 1997Encanto School, Phoenix AZ 1997
Commissioned sculpture and banner project. Designed outdoor metal sculptures permanently mounted on poles to display banners created together with sixty elementary school children during seminars.   The finished product represented a sense of school unity and power of community./

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Phoenix, 1997The Boys and Girls Clubs of Phoenix, 1997
The 35 participating children worked together to create a finished work, printed as a poster and used to promote the importance of positive reinforcement in a child's life.  The workshop emphasized the diversity of music in the arts, past and present.

The Genesis Academy 1997The Genesis Academy PILOT PROGRAM 1997
A Release the Fear program.  This group presented the challenge of 150 at- risk, high school youths. In order to achieve their goal of creating a group canvas, the group had to learn to release their fears and build a sense of understanding for each other.

Founder/organizer or grass roots anti-violence organization in Phoenix.

Spirit of the Senses - May 1996Spirit of the Senses - May 1996
Salon/workshop introduced the concept of communication through art.

Child's Play, 1992Child's Play, 1992
Walton Park, Phoenix, AZ. The Willo historic district wanted a work to express their sense of family and neighborhood pride. The children finished the work by painting images on the surface before the final finish was applied, thus creating a life long sense of pride and belonging. Children need a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose. To this day no graffiti has marred their images.

Sanctuary Foundation, Guam, 1989Sanctuary Foundation, Guam, 1989
Worked with run-away and abused children in Guam. Established an empowerment arts program for the children. Introduced the foundation to local press, bring over $60,000 in contributions.  Awarded by the Governor an Honorary Ambassadorship for his work with the children at the shelter.

Release The Fear

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