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Please visit Release the Fear’s new space at Grace Chapel, 302 W. Monroe, in the downtown Phoenix Arts District.

Advisory Board Meeting, Saturday, April 10, 2010


Release the Fear, has wanted to do a show Go Fly a Kite, for a couple years now. We thought this year was the perfect time, to lighten everyone's spirits.

So, be contacted our friends at Kite and Sky, who provided us with kite's. Also we've been working with Heard elementary and their art teacher, and RTF trainer, Windy Drew.

Heard elementary students come from approximately 12 different countries, Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Cuba, Burma, We thought this was a perfect opportunity to not just lighten spirits while uniting them one of RTF's core messages.

The children were instructed to place their cultural mark and images of who they were, on the kite's, and the results as you see were beyond beautiful. Just being in the presence of all these unique cultures working and playing together was incredible. The kite were displayed and sold to raise money for workshops. And will be released in the air surely after the children finish their AIMS testing, has a way is celebrating the importance of who they are.

The Kite Lady


Release The Fear

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Please visit Release the Fearís new space at Grace Chapel, 302 W. Monroe, in the downtown Phoenix Arts District.
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