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iley Returns The Release The Fear Program, To The Island That Inspired It.

Guam inspired Miley over 20 years ago to begin these projects with at-risk youth and Miley is back on Guam to return the inspiration to our island youth.
Sanctuary, Incorporated of Guam, through a grant from the Guam Council of Arts and Humanities, is honored to host Miley and his Release the Fear Program on Guam. Release the Fear workshops for youth of Sanctuary as well as youth within the Department of Youth Affairs facilities July 6-8, 2010.

"Wow! What an incredible success" Says Miley, "When you have a Teen ager in ankle chains come up to you on the last day of the workshop, looking you directly in the eys and ask. "You are coming back RIGHT!" Along with many others wearing full smiles, that were not there on the first day of the workshop. You know there was an impact made And to top it all off Four of the 30"X 30" paintings created as a tangible reminder of the positive end roads made in the workshop, sold for $1,000 and eight 1'X1' sold for $400 each

" I would say , THAT WAS WELL WORTH Travelling 20 hours. Guam will always have a major part of my heart. I hope to be back very soon, Thank you Guam.

Sanctuary will also be hosting an exhibit debut for the community to witness the artwork developed through these workshops. Sanctuary, Incorporated of Guam is a local non-profit organization that has been assisting Guam's youth and families for almost 39 years. Hundreds of teens take refuge in Sanctuary's Co-Ed Emergency and Transitional Living Program shelters every year and over 2,000 youth and 1,000 adults are helped through our outreach and prevention programs.

This project is made possible through sponsorships from Delta Airlines, Pacific Islands Club, Proa Restaurant, Graphic Center, Guam Community College and the Bank of Guam.


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