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DREAM CATCHER PROGRAM = Why it is important to let others know your dreams?
”You never know who’s listening.”

"It opened up a lot of areas I thought were closed,, Thank you for securing my future", Devin Click Here to read full story

“My Dream, Is to lead my daughter, into right path of life and make sure she does better” Jamie, Age 17 “My Dream, Is to lead my daughter, into right path of life and make sure she does better”
Jamie, Age 17

“My dream, is to finish high school and live past 40 years old” … Alex, age 14

The Dream Catcher program, launched in September 2009, is the first community partnership mentoring program that captures the dreams revealed through RTF workshops and embraces them so that they may become a reality.

The Dream Catcher program, launch was inspired from a participant of the Inside-Out Bridging Possibilities program.

As one of the integral parts of the workshop’s experiential exercises we have the participants draw a Memory, a Fear, and a Hope or Dream.

We then had them share their findings with the group as a whole.

In one of the workshops in detention, one participant shared his dream of being a graffiti artists. At the same time he shared here like to be a chef.

Participating probation staff and Release the Fear trainers, said, ”why couldn’t you be both.” Encouraging him to be one of the first, “Graffiti Chefs.” This story was shared with Fries Food Store’s and they were immediately on board. The rest is a dream, come true~*

Dreams really do come true especially when you combine a caring nonprofit, Fry’s Food Stores and frosting!

“Release the Fear holds workshops for teenage youth at detention facilities that engage youth to explore safe and healthy lifestyles to overcome their disabilities through leadership and social development skills,” said Robert Miley, founding/artistic director of Release the Fear. “In our workshops we talk about dreams and the possibilities of achieving them,” he adds. One of the young men participating in the workshop series has dreams of being a graffiti artist and a chef. Out of those two dreams, the inspiration of being a graffiti chef was formed. “With this inspiration, I thought of my friends at Fry’s Food Stores and asked for their assistance in helping the young man create a graffiti cake,” adds Miley.

Fry’s Food Stores embraced the concept and asked the future “graffiti chef” to join them on Thursday, Sept. 29 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to create his graffiti cake. The young man is currently creating cake concepts, which will be reviewed by two of Fry’s bakers that are national cake decorating champions (one male and one female). On Sept. 29, the young man will have the opportunity to create his dream at Fry’s 43rd Ave. & Cactus Store in Phoenix. First he will learn some basic cake decorating concepts and then the young artist with the assistance of the creative Fry’s bakery team will see his dream come to life.

“Our creative cake decorators are looking forward to spending the day helping to make this young man’s dream come true,” adds JoEllen Lynn, public relations director at Fry’s Food Stores. “Hopefully the experience will show him a career path that is rewarding as well as artistic – that’s the frosting on the cake,” Lynn adds.

The young artist’s cake (a k a work of art) will be enjoyed the following day at the Grand Opening Reception of Release the Fear’s new space at 302 W. Monroe in Phoenix. The celebration starts at 5:30 p.m. and is being hosted by Vice Mayor Tom Simplot and Councilwoman Thelda Williams.

“Fry’s Food Stores is also helping the young man’s second dream come true of providing for his Mom by awarding him with a $50 Fry’s Gift Card to present to his Mother,” adds Miley. “Fry’s felt that the young man’s efforts deserved to be recognized and that he truly earned the card.”

Dream Catcher Program Needs Community Support

Release the Fear is seeking additional funding and/or ways to help other disadvantaged youth see their dreams turn into reality. If you have an idea or would like to help fund a dream, send your idea to Release the Fear, Dream Catcher Program, P. O. Box 3815, Phoenix, AZ (85030).



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